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Make online shopping better with Shoppr.

Get a dedicated email address for online shopping and keep your regular inbox clutter-free.

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The only email address purpose built for shopping

At Shoppr, we're on a mission to make shopping better by putting you back in control of the shopping experience. Here are some of the things we're excited about.

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Organise your shopping.

Is your regular inbox overwhelmed with shopping related emails?

Shoppr sorts through your shopping emails, works out which are important and presents them back to you in a neat, consistent way.

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Reduce the noise.

Are you tired of all the spam that comes with online shopping?

With Shoppr's notification centre, you control which retailers can contact you, when they can contact you and about what.

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Increased rewards.

Do you want to unlock the value of your shopping data?

Shoppr lets you earn reward tokens as you shop in exchange for sharing this data with our partners.

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Better privacy.

Are you fed up of companies using your data for their own gain?

With Shoppr, your data is private by default. If you choose to share your data then we're committed to sharing the value of that data with you.

Our retailers

With Shoppr you can earn reward tokens when you shop at any of our supported retailers.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Shoppr work?

When you sign up with Shoppr we give you a new email address. Use this when you shop with our supported retailers and the Shoppr app will take care of the rest.

Why a new email address?

A new email address lets us give you a purpose built shopping interface that benefits from all of Shoppr's features. We've provided easy to follow instructions to help you update your email with each of our supported retailers.

Can I use Shoppr with other retailers?

You can use your email with any retailer to keep your regular inbox clutter-free. However, we won't yet be able to automatically categorise your emails in the way we do with our supported retailers.

What can I do with my reward tokens?

In the future you'll be able to exchange your tokens for cash, gift cards, products and retailer discounts.

Where can I get Shoppr?

Shoppr's mobile app will be available to download for iOS and Android. Join our waitlist to get early access.

Is Shoppr free to use?

Yes, Shoppr is a completely free service.

Do you have a question about Shoppr that we haven't answered?

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